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Miso Ramen at Moxie's19.03.01

Moxie's unique take on a classic miso ramen is available across Canada now. Read more in our blog.

Get the Party Started18.10.18

Our newest location in Hamilton, Ontario, is now open!

3 reasons to heart Plano, TX18.09.20

Break out the bubbly!

Freshly Squeezed House-Made Hard Lemonade18.08.17

Our handcrafted House-Made Hard Lemonade packs a serious citrus punch!

Coast to Coast Flavours18.06.27

Moxie’s welcomes St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador to our Canadian family!

From sweet to salty and everything in between18.06.25

Introducing your new favourite summer sippers!

Comin' in Hot18.05.01

We invite you to savour our newest dishes, featuring fresh favourites inspired by Nashville, the West Coast, and Spain!

All About the Brew18.04.05

Moxie's exclusive Big Life Beers have long been a favourite at our restaurants. Get behind the scenes on how they are brewed in our latest blog

The rise of your favourite cocktail18.02.21

The Old Fashioned is truly a treat for the senses.

Pair Like a Pro!17.12.22

Master what to pour for the holidays

Houston, We've Landed!17.12.15

We are beyond excited to have officially opened the doors of our second U.S. location in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas!

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