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Cooking at the James Beard House

Moxie's Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson will be preparing a menu that is distinctly Canadian drawing on flavours from coast to coast.

James Beard

James Beard was an actor-singer turned world famous chef, food writer, cookbook curator, and television personality known as the Dean of American Cuisine.

The James Beard Foundation was created in his honour to celebrate and nurture the culinary heritage he cultivated. The James Beard House is home to educational courses about food sustainability and nutritional education. It is also home to the guest-chef dinner series that raises funds for these programs and the financial aid they provide to aspiring chefs, sommeliers, nutritionists and food writers.

This July our very own Executive Chef, Brandon Thordarson will be sharing his delicious & diverse skills at the Beard Foundation as a toast to Canada’s 150 anniversary!

Chef's Reaction

I was shocked, then elated and then shocked again when they called with the great news!

Once the excitement and surprise wore off, my mind quickly raced to: so, now what? Every chef that has had the chance to cook at the James Beard House would likely say it’s one of, if not the greatest thing they’ve done in their career! It’s a privilege to be invited to cook for such a distinguished community in such a great city.

On Being Canadian

I am the epitome of Canada: I’m a fourth generation Canadian who grew up in rural Ontario, completely surrounded by farms.

I come from a tight family where cooking and food was the center of every get-together. I wanted to bring the sense of my family and country to my menu at James Beard. At first I thought this was going to be easy - Canada has the best of everything: livestock, game, fish, vegetables, and fruit. I soon realized all the choices would make it harder than I thought! I want the food I create to represent my upbringing, my experiences, my Canada, and me!

What's to Come

My mom and dad are coming down and I’m looking forward to the whole experience in New York.

As big as it is for my career and how good it feels for me and my family, I think what I am most excited about is the chance to bring our talented group of chefs to New York to work and enjoy this moment. I'm excited for us to come together and share this incredible experience, it's something the entire team is proud of and they've earned this opportunity just as much as I have!

Canada has the best of everything!
Brandon Thordarson
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