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Ain’t No Thing Like A Chicken Wing

Hot or not, wing night brings all the flavour to the table.

Everybody loves a good chicken wing, especially when it’s wing night! Popular among students, wing night is a great excuse to get the gang together and enjoy some hot wings, a cold drink and lots of laughter. But where did the chicken wing come from?

Chicken wings had a humble beginning at a place called Anchor Bar in Buffalo and were discovered by Teresa Bellissimo, culinary expert. There are three theories on how they came to be:

There are three theories on how they came to be:
Midnight Snacks

Theory #1

The National Chicken Council posits that they emerged from a late night discovery by Bellissimo's son and his friends, and they were such a hit that they were on the menu by the next day as “Buffalo Wings.”

Mistaken Delivery

Theory #2

Then, there’s a New Yorker article that dove into the history and couldn’t distinguish between two stories. One story says the wings were a mistaken delivery that couldn’t be used in sauce, relegating them to be used in any way Teressa saw fit. She thought that a quick dip in a deep fryer and then a hot sauce might liven them up a bit.

Roman Catholics

Theory #3

The same New Yorker article suggests that chicken wings were made for a group of Roman Catholic patrons at Anchor Bar. Since Roman Catholics ate only fish and vegetables on Fridays, they wanted to celebrate with some real meat when staying up past midnight.

Regardless of these theories, the chicken wing was permanently put on Anchor Bar’s menu and has become a favourite in North America ever since.

Which do you prefer?
Drumettes of Flats?

So, what do you prefer? Drumettes or flats? Each person generally has their own preference. According to the Cooking Channel’s “You’re Eating it Wrong”, drumettes have 0.49 meat to bone ratio, while flats have 0.66. They even have a few good suggestions on the best way to get the most out of your wing by using either the ‘meat umbrella’, ‘divide and conquer’ or the ‘bonesplitter’ methods.

However you choose to enjoy them, we got ‘em! Join us every Monday for Wing Night at participating Moxie’s locations to try all the flavours, like honey garlic, salt & pepper, mild barbecue or classic hot wings!

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