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Holiday Cocktails, Hot and Cold

Festive Drinks for Entertaining

Eggnog is a popular and well-known holiday drink, but there are others that deserve recognition over these festive weeks as well. From Hot Buttered Apple Cider With Rum, to Mulled Wine and martinis with a twist (think Peppermint or Candy Cane), there are tons of holiday drinks to be sipped all evening!

If you want that classic cranberry taste, try a Sparkling Cranberry Lime Cocktail or even Cranberry Jell-O Shots. If cranberry isn’t your favourite, get your dose of gingerbread with a side of tequila in this Gingerbread Cookie Cocktail and finish off by drinking your chocolate in a Spiked Hot Chocolate.

Holiday Cocktails

No matter what you’re making, the holidays are about going all out, so don’t skimp on the finishing touches. Floating some frozen cranberries in a drink will keep it cold and dress it up, a sprig of mint gives your cocktail a seasonal look while adding aromatics, and a cinnamon stick gives a beverage a hit of spice and doubles as a stir stick.

Get creative with your garnish! Finish a drink with a candy cane - either hooked over the glass or crushed and sprinkled on top. The edge of your glass gets some Christmas attitude by using chocolate powder, coarse sugar, or even crushed cookies as a rimmer. It’s the time of year we slow down to enjoy time together, sip drinks and enjoy good conversation - so make your cocktails as beautiful as the season.

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