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New Menu Items at Moxie's Grill & Bar

We invite you to savour our newest dishes, featuring fresh favourites inspired by Nashville, the West Coast, and Spain! Join us at your favourite Moxie’s location and indulge in the global flavours of our new Summer Menu items. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


Nashville Hot Chicken

Best known as the home of country music and mouthwatering hot chicken. This dish draws crowds until the early morning, all eagerly waiting for a bite of the nightlife staple. Our version is first marinated in buttermilk for ultimate tenderness, breaded and fried until golden, and then tossed in our Executive Chef, Brandon Thordarson’s secret Spicy Bird Sauce. In Nashville, the dish is traditionally served on a piece of white bread to counter the spice, but our chicken is placed on a bed of crispy onions, topped with quick pickles, and served with buttermilk ranch. The result? Well, you’ll just have to taste it for yourself!

Spicy Tuna Roll

The Spicy Tuna Roll was a product of ingenuity from the early 1970s in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. At the time, demand for tuna was high, and in order to make use of each morsel of the fish, sushi chefs had to get creative! American fusion sushi took off and chefs began to introduce American condiments like mayonnaise, cream cheese, and chili into their recipes. For our take on the classic, we toss tuna in a chili ponzu sauce made with Korean gochujang peppers, ginger, and sesame oil. We hand-roll tuna, sweet potato, cucumber, pickled ginger, and rice in nori, which is then coated in crispy tempura. Trust us, this is one dish that may quickly roll to the top of your favourites!

The West Coast

Spanish Cod & Prawns

In early 16th century Spain, cod, or bacalao, was a mainstay throughout the country. Often the fish was salted and dried to preserve the meat and then cooked with a variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables and spices. Our recipe is adapted from those popular in the Basque region and utilizes sweet, juicy tomatoes, and peppers balanced with baby potatoes and a touch of chimichurri. It’s a perfect representation of the rich, beautiful produce of Spain, and a light Mediterranean dish that pairs perfectly with warmer weather.

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