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National Beverage Director, Kim Spence shares his favourite sips for enjoying summer on the patio!

We chatted with Kim about his favourite summer cocktail line-up and how best to enjoy them in the sun on the patio with friends. So go ahead, stay hydrated and #SqueezeSummerHard from AM to PM on your local Moxie's Patio with these refreshing suggestions:

Fresh Start

Coconut Water


Its sweet, almost nutty taste comes from the young coconuts this drink is extracted from.

A rich source of vitamins & minerals.

Beet and Pomegranate Soda

Fizzy, Fruity, Delicious.

Fresh shaved cucumber is combined with beet, cranberry juice and sparkling water.

Wake up and sparkle.

Brunch Pick Me Ups

The Moxie’s Caesar

The Ultimate Hangover Cure.

Clamato juice is kicked into gear with Tabasco & Worcestershire, salt & pepper and topped with a pickle, a pepperoncini, pickled carrot, a wedge of lime, and a tortilla sail.

Breakfast of champions.


The Great Refresher.

Fresh mint muddled with lime and premium rum makes a drink that’ll keep you cool while the weather’s hot!

It's all about the muddling!

Happy Hour Hoopa

House-Made Hard Lemonade

The Quintessential Summer Cocktail.

Made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, fresh lemons, a hint of simple syrup and finished with sparkling water, it’s the right balance of sweet, sour and totally fresh pressed.


Rosé Sangria

Real Men Drink Pink ;)

The best of summer fruit, mixed with a sweet rosé wine for a glass or jug of summer’s coolest drink.

Sip, savour and repeat.

The Evening Escape

Moscow Mule

A Caribbean Creation.

Ginger beer mixed with vodka and lime make a drink that Kim calls home - his family hails from the Caribbean!

Refreshingly sweet.

Strongbow Dry Cider

Canada’s Favourite Cider.

There’s no wrong way to Strongbow. For those unfamiliar with dry cider this one is the gateway - refreshing, cold, and just a bit fruity.

From the orchard to your glass.

Late Night Drink Right


The Ultimate Summer Patio Drink.

Made with hand pressed fruits, house-made syrups like our pineapple simple syrup and premium liquors, all shaken to order.

Margarita time!

Italian Pinot Grigio

Delizioso vino!

This wine is full of fresh, crisp flavours and just the right amount of acidity. It’s not too sweet or overripe, perfect for sipping.

It’s wine o’clock.

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