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Summer’s here - time to share plates of appetizers with friends while enjoying drinks on the patio and planning out the rest of our evening. What should we do? Where should we go? Who should we invite? But most importantly what should we wear?!

Warm weather means we’re free of big coats and clumsy mittens, allowing us to show off the best of our wardrobe. We’ve put together a list of the hottest summer trends (pun intended) for the next time you’re planning a night out on the patio… and then on the town.

All White Everything
All White Everything

Wearing an all-white outfit is an easy way to look ultra-chic, and light hues keep you cool in the hot summer sun.

We love We love: Adding a pop of colour with a bright handbag and oversized sunglasses.

Pair it with Pair it with: A crisp glass of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.

Black & White

Classic black and white never goes out of style, and can be worn in solids or patterns.

We love We love: Mixing patterns for a bold look in monochrome!

Pair it with Pair it with: A classy and mysterious Blue Zen Martini.

Black & White
Neutral With a Pop of Colour
Neutral w/ Pop of Colour

Spice up your neutral summer looks with a bright pop of colour.

We love We love: adding poppy red or cobalt blue to add that extra excitement to your outfit.

Pair it with Pair it with: a double Absolut cocktail with your pop of flavour.

Summer Dresses

A lightweight dress constructed with a loose design should be your go-to outfit in hot summer weather. Thin fabrics like linen or chambray denim look chic and help keep you cool.

We love We love: Adding expression with playful jewelry like vintage watches or captivating earrings.

Pair it with Pair it with: A minty and refreshing Mojito.

Summer Dresses
Bright Handbags
Bright Handbags

Bright handbags make a statement while enhancing a neutral outfit!

We love We love: Sunny yellows and pretty lavender hues.

Pair it with Pair it with: A juicy and flavourful Rosé Sangria.

Patio Outfits

A go-to patio outfit makes impromptu drinks a breeze all summer. Combine a light dress with oversized sunglasses, sun hat, a bright handbag and neutral sandals for an easy look that works with almost any piece in your wardrobe.

We love We love: Keeping accessories on hand (like a hat and stylish sunnies) in case you don’t have time to go home to change!

Pair it with Pair it with: An icy cold White Peach Bellini.

Patio Outfits

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