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      Sushi cones: a fun way to experience flavour.

      Bring taste, texture, technique and tradition to your plate.

      I was trained to cook rice by a Japanese mother.

      Sushi is all about the rice. The word sushi comes from ‘Su’ meaning vinegar, and ‘Shi’ from ‘menshi’ which means rice. Historically, this vinegared rice was used to preserve fish. Pressing fresh fish between the rice kept it from going bad, and was wrapped in seaweed to keep the rice from sticking to fingers. Sushi flourished, turning into everything from nigiri - raw fish on rice - to maki, which include the rolls we’re most familiar with. ‘Temaki’ are hand rolls, better known as Sushi Cones.

      It’s the yin and yang of Asian cuisine where it’s got everything: sweet, salty, spicy, savoury.

      Sushi Cones are a much more casual way of enjoying sushi. Rolled on a diagonal, it includes all the balance we expect from Asian cuisine. Vinegared rice, topped with creamy avocado, crunchy prawn, and spicy sriracha mayo. Rolled in a soy wrapper, a sushi cone is eaten by hand, making it a fun and relaxing way to enjoy sushi. They’re too big to eat in one bite, so take your time and enjoy the playfulness of this dish.

      Some people shy away from sushi because there’s a fear of failing to follow protocol. Sushi etiquette is surprisingly simple, and similar to general table manners. The few guidelines are mostly about respect.


      • Use the blunt (opposite) ends of your chopsticks to pick rolls off a platter.
      • Place items on plates to share, rather than passing them between chopsticks.
      • Clean your plate, it’s impolite to leave a grain of rice behind.
      • Thoughtfully eat, so you can appreciate every aspect.


      • Rub your chopsticks together.
      • Cross your chopsticks, or leave them upright in a bowl of rice.
      • Disassemble your sushi.

      But, truth be told we don’t care how you eat our sushi cones. Eat them upside down if you want to!

      The End - Moxie's Blog