Uniquely Canadian stuff we love.

You don’t like poutine, eh? Are you even a Canuck?

Canadian cuisine. It isn’t a phrase we use much but if you think about it, a lot of our favourite things are uniquely Canadian, with some popular items requiring just a simple twist to make them individually ours. Read on for some things that we all know and love and make us proud to be Canadian.

Canadian Food
Fries, squeaky cheese and gravy  there truly is nothing better.
1 - poutine

What else is there to say? This simple dish is famous from coast to coast and even has Americans wondering what all the hype is about. Fries, squeaky cheese and gravy there truly is nothing better.

2 - back bacon

Similar to ham, back bacon is fully cooked, sliced thick and served in rounds. It’s even famous enough to be called “Canadian Bacon” in the United States!

Similar to ham, back bacon is fully cooked, sliced thick and served in rounds.
Named after the British Columbian city of Nanaimo
3 - Nanaimo Bars

Named after the British Columbian city of Nanaimo, this treat is now morphing, with mint, raspberry and even coffee flavours beginning to pop up.

4 - Freezies

There was nothing like riding your bike to the store as a kid, ready to get your hands on this cheap and tasty cool treat. Although there are many versions out there, the only true Freezie is in Canada. Just watch the corners of your mouth and be ready for a stained tongue!

Ketchup Chips
5 - Ketchup Chips

Some say too sweet, some say too weird, but they’re hardly different than ketchup on hashbrowns. We love them up here in Canada, and we even know to add them to a burger or sandwich for a crunchy treat.

Canadian Expressions

We have our own way of talking - it’s subtle, but it’s there. Our cadence and pronunciation lies somewhere between our British heritage and our American neighbours, but some of our phrases are totally our own.

Tool & Keener

Usage: “Settle down keener, you don’t want to look like a complete tool!”

Mickey & 2-4

Most people say “24 pack of beer” but we call them two-fours. We also have two-sixes of liquor (26 ounces or 750ml) and don’t forget “Mickeys”, our favourite 375mL friends.

Giv'r & Head'r

When we leave, we head’r - “It’s getting late, we should head’r.” When we try really hard, we giv’r - “Muster up your courage and giv’r!”

Canadian Inventions

Some amazing things were made by us! We’ve contributed to healthcare, sports, space and communication, just to name a few.

1 - poutine

The ski-doo was invented in Quebec by Joseph-Armand Bombardier to replace dog sleds, which explains the original name ‘ski-dog’ (changed later to ski-doo due to a brochure typo).

2 - Basketball

James Naismith created basketball with teams of nine players, soccer balls and peach baskets. It originally included tackling but not dribbling. The rules were changed in favour of a ‘cleaner sport’, as the first ever game of basketball elicited several black eyes, one separated shoulder and one player knocked unconscious.

3 - Insulin

Diabetes used to be a challenging disease to live with, but thanks to Dr. Frederick Banting in 1922, we’ve been able to regulate blood sugar with insulin shots.

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