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Moxies Boston Seaport - Now Open

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Chef's Pick: Roasted Tomatoes
and Whipped Feta 


We are all about serving you the freshest flavours made with the highest quality ingredients.

Now we want to take you behind the scenes and into the mind of our team with our Chef's favourite picks from our menu.

Making every experience exceptional is the foundation for everything at Moxies, and that starts with the food. We take the dishes we love and add a Moxies touch that makes it a little more special, a little more delicious and maybe even a little harder to share. 

Fresh from the kitchen, here's our chef's pick for the month: our signature Roasted Tomatoes and Whipped Feta!

This dish was inspired by the fresh flavours of our favourite bruschetta. Executive Chef Brandon was inspired by the creamy, salty flavour of Macedonian feta – and now we buy it in 11 kilo buckets from a local Greek store! Of course, the chef says it best.

"We sauté the sweet baby tomatoes until tender and plate them with hand whipped Macedonian feta. You get this sweet meets salty combination of flavours and creamy meets crunch textures. Add dill, parsley and yeah, that's an appetizing appetizer."

- Executive Chef, Brandon Thordarson

All of this is served deconstructed so you can mix and make it the way you like with toasted, seeded artisan bread. 

Why we love it? It's sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy and a satisfying start to any meal. The warmth from the perfectly sweet and tangy tomatoes gently melts the feta so when it comes to you, it's ready to be mixed together and spread on the perfectly toasted bread. Executive Chef Brandon loves that this has all the freshness of bruschetta –  elevated with the creamier Macedonian feta –  and is more interactive, while each part of the dish is full of flavour and texture. Trust us - we order this EVERY meal.