A seasonal menu with locally sourced fresh products.

Moxie’s celebrates fresh ingredients in each dish and drink we bring to your table.

Our Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson has created a menu that draws on inspiration from around the world. It’s full of extraordinary takes on classic dishes. Steaks, pizza, burgers and wings share the menu page with sushi cones, vindaloo, enchiladas and potstickers.

Calamari is amplified with ginger and jalapeno, a chicken breast is elevated with mango and chipotle, and a simple steak sandwich gets a fresh feel with ciabatta and fresh arugula. It’s all the contemporary flavours you know and crave.

Sushi cones: a fun way to experience flavour.

Bring Taste, Texture, Technique And Tradition To Your Plate.

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We've got your Late Nights covered17.09.22

The Moxie's Menu is an A+ for Students

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Bringing a Canadian Feast to the Big Apple 17.07.11

Chef Brandon’s James Beard Menu

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Cooking at the James Beard House 17.07.07

Supporting the James Beard Foundation with a cooking experience for Moxie’s Chef Brandon Thordarson.

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