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    Moxie's Scarborough Restaurant

    Temporarily Closed

    Join us at Moxie's Scarborough until February 13th for Winterlicious 2020. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, we have great feature menu options to choose from exclusively for this Toronto food festival. Click here to make your reservation

    Located inside the Scarborough Town Centre Shopping Mall, Moxie’s Grill & Bar is in the heart of Scarborough and just minutes away from tourism destinations like the Coliseum Cinema.

    Next time you’re downtown, pop in for a late-night snack or dinner with family. Our menu is developed by Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson and boasts great dishes for lunch and dinner! Join us for a perfectly grilled Sirloin Steak; a warm, comforting bowl of Herb Alfredo; or the Spanish Cod that is bursting with flavour.

    We are proud to offer a wide selection of daily drink features and great offerings for late night cravings. Enjoy a spicy Caesar or our signature GT in the lounge, or gather your friends and soak in the sun with an ice-cold beer on the patio! We feature delicious cocktails that exemplify the best of bartending with fresh approaches to traditional mixed drinks, and have an exceptional beer and wine list. Ask your server for a great red or white wine pairing to go with your meal! 

    Looking to have Moxie's delivered to your door? Click here to order delivery now! 

    Contact Info

    215 - 300 Borough Drive
    Scarborough, ON
    M1P 4P5