Moxies Boston Seaport - Now Open

899 Congress Street

Moxies Boston Seaport - Now Open

899 Congress Street

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Restaurant FAQs

Do you take reservations?

Do you have birthday specials or provide any complimentary items for guests celebrating their birthday?

Is your restaurant child friendly?


Yes! Most Moxies locations offer online reservation services, or you can call your favourite location direct to reserve a table based on availability. To reserve a table online, please select your location of choice and hit the "Reserve" button in the website menu.

Food FAQs

Where is the nutritional information for your menu?

I would like a recipe for my favorite item that is no longer on your menu. How can I get the recipe?


Please view each menu item and click the (i) icon to view its nutritional information.

Career Opportunities FAQs

How do I apply for a job and what jobs do you have available right now?

I’m interested in starting a Moxies Franchise. What are the requirements?

I was employed by Moxies and need a copy of my Record of Employment (or T4). Who do I contact?


Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with Moxies! Please visit our Careers Page here.

There you can review available positions at all locations across the country and to fill out our online application. You are also encouraged to visit your preferred location directly to drop off your resume or fill out an application personally.

Other FAQs

I would like to submit a request for sponsorship or for a donation. Who should I send it to?

Do you have an Accessibility Policy?


All donation and sponsorship requests can be submitted via email to the attention of the Marketing Department at