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The Moxie’s Late Night Menu is an A+ for University and College Students

Summer’s over, fall’s here and just like that, it’s time to hit the books. And while it probably feels like you’ll be swamped until the last term paper is written, remember that being able to take some time just for you is an essential piece of the college life puzzle. When you need to leave the dorm for a stretch and take a break from the books, we’re here with a menu full of late night eats! After 9pm dive into shareable snacks and drink features that you can afford even on a university student’s budget.

Need an excuse to get away from the books for a bit? We’ve got lots!

Late Night Tacos at Moxie's

Late Night
Study Break

You know those times when you look up from the books, it’s 10pm and you you haven’t eaten since the 11am lecture? That’s when it’s time for $3 Food Truck Tacos! Choose from either chicken or fish to turn your brain back on so you can get back at it. A $5 Big Life beer probably wouldn’t hurt either, and BAM, dinner for $10!

Late Night Guacamole at Moxie's

Late Night
is the new date night

Date Night is an important part of a relationship during a busy school year, so we bring the show to your table with Tableside Fresh Smashed Guacamole for just $7. Even with a couple House-Made Hard Lemonades you’ve got a great date night for $20!

Late Night Snacks at Moxie's


You were dedicated. You were determined. You managed to write the heck out of that paper and it’s even printed and stapled in your bag. And it’s not even midnight! You just earned yourself some Dry Ribs at Moxie’s! Whether you order Biryani or Salt & Pepper they’re only $5 and taste just a little bit like success. Pair those ribs with our signature GT or Bellini to really add to the celebration!

Make Your Semester Great

University and College is a great time to meet new friends, have adventures, and try everything on the menu. So be sure to visit your favourite Moxie’s for Happy Hour or Late Night and fit some fun into your extracurricular agenda this semester! And if you’re determined to keep working, we’ve got really fast and really free wifi, so you can have a fun night out and still get your work done!

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