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Everyone Loves the Caesar

A Calgary drink that took over the country!

Walter Chell created a stir behind the bar with a bit of clam juice in 1969. He mixed the infamous clam juice with tomato juice, spices, and vodka and poured it into a glass with a spicy salted rim and a stick of celery. The drink would be the signature for the new Italian restaurant Marco’s at the Calgary Inn, or as we know it today The Westin Calgary, but grew to something much greater than old Walt could have ever imagined.

The Caesar has flourished throughout Canada, becoming a national superstar. Around here this cocktail is a jumping off point for garnishes and spirits. At the Calgary Stampede, and across the country Mott’s Clamato hosts “Best Caesar in Town”, a competition that sees mixologists slicing and searing their way to the title. Some of the adventurous Caesars include beef jerky, smoked salmon, scorpion peppers, or lime-infused vodka. In 2009, then-mayor of Calgary Dave Bronconnier declared the thursday before the May long weekend to be National Caesar Day, marking it as the ‘unofficial kick off to summer.’ This year, National Caesar Day falls on Thursday, May 18th, 2017.

Moxie's twist on Walter Chell's classic Caesar is a favourite at Sunday brunch, with after work appies or kicking off the weekend! We mix Clamato juice with dashes of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, seasoned with salt and pepper, and garnished with a pickle, a pepperoncini, pickled carrot, a wedge of lime, and a tortilla sail! It’s no wonder Canadians drink 350 million of these delicious drinks each year!

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