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Pair Like a Pro!

Master what to pour for the holidays

We get it—the world of wine pairing may be intimidating. But, with top tips from our resident wine guru, National Beverage Director, Kim Spence, you’ll always know what to bring to the party. Once you understand the basics, you’ll feel confident in making ‘pour’ decisions!

Whether it’s a juicy turkey, buttery shortbread, or creamy mashed potatoes, food is always top-of-mind during the holidays. Pouring the right wine can help to elevate your entire meal by either enhancing or balancing the flavours.

There are three different approaches to pairing wine.

Create contrast

The first is to pair wine complementary to the dish, which creates balance through contrast. An example of a complementary pairing would be a delicate Pinot Grigio paired with a light fish dish, like our Lemon Herb Salmon.
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Pair like with like

The second pairing, known as a congruent, pairs like with like. For instance, an earthy wine, like a Cabernet Sauvignon, amplifies the shared flavour compounds of Christmas stuffing or our Mushroom Sirloin.

Savour the sauce

If a sauce takes centre stage in a dish, Kim suggests pairing with the most prominent flavours instead. The tang of cranberry sauce is highlighted when eaten alongside a bold, spicy wine, like Malbec. Whereas a rich, creamy sauce, like the one we stir up for our velvety Chicken Madeira, is balanced by a silky white wine, like Chardonnay.
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Trust your taste

No matter what, enjoy the tasting process and experiment with different pairings -- the results may surprise you! If you’d rather leave it to us, bring your ‘partner-in-wine’ down over the holidays and let us help you pick out a pairing that you’ll love!
"So many wines go really well with turkey. I actually love turkey and rosé—they work really well together."
- Kim Spence
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