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      The rise of your favourite cocktail


      Inspired by the rich culinary landscape of Japanese cuisine, Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson has created a hearty, belly-warming Miso Ramen. Experience the latest addition to our menu and dive deep into traditional noodles and all its great toppings!

      A VIP Opening Party

      These ain’t your average noodles!

      Our version is made with vegetarian miso broth flavoured with roasted garlic, nutty sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds. We then stir in sambel oelek—a hot paste made from chili peppers, ginger, and shallots. After the broth is perfected, we add gai lan, or Chinese broccoli, fresh green onion, a marinated soft-boiled egg, shiitake mushrooms, and, most importantly, authentic ramen noodles. We invite you to try it with Chasu—fatty slices of braised pork, or sautéed prawns for a boost of protein. And, if you like it spicy, we serve our Miso Ramen with a bottle of Sriracha so you can turn up the heat!

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      Warm Up!

      Join us today at your favourite Moxie’s location for a steaming bowl of Miso Ramen—a dish that’s quick to become your new go-to for lunch or dinner!

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