Happy Hour at Moxie's

Happy Hour at Moxie's 3pm 'til 6pm

Featuring Food Truck Tacos, Dry Ribs, Tableside Fresh Smashed Guacamole, and amazing drink features - everyday from 3pm - 6pm!

Find your happy place during happy hour - everyday from 3pm 'til 6pm at your local Moxie’s restaurant location. Stop in for a snack, a handcrafted cocktail and the perfect atmosphere to unwind with our Happy Hour drink features and appetizers made especially for an early evening appetite.

*Offers available at select Moxie's locations. Contact your favourite Moxie's for additional information.

Food Truck


A well balanced diet is a taco in both hands. At $4 a taco from 3 'til 6 pm everyday, it’s easy to test this theory.

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Tableside Fresh
Smashed Guacamole


New to Moxie's is our Tableside Fresh Smashed Guacamole. Fresh avocado with onion, cilantro, tomatoes and garlic mashed by hand right at your table! It doesn't get any fresher than that!

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Dry Ribs


What’s not to love about these perfectly seasoned morsels of deliciousness! Grab your crew and head on down between 3 pm - 6 pm daily.

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Moxie's Big Life
Craft Beer

Live the Big Life! What better way pour some fun into the end of the work day than with a cold Big Life beer?

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